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About our estate:

Belle Garden Estate consists of a historic 1797 colonial manor, a small cottage for intimate events, a large arbor for ceremonies, and an outdoor pavilion for receptions. Our manor is also equipped with a luxury bridal suite and groomsmen lounge. Ten acres of beautiful landscaping, a bold creek, and mountain views make for a beautiful setting for any stay or event on our property.


Belle Garden Estate History


Belle Garden Estate is known as one of the oldest homes in Franklin County to date. It’s rich history dates back to Sir John Talbot who bought the land in 1763. Johnathan Richardson bought 200 acres on from Sir John Talbot on which the home was built and finished in 1771. Johnathan Richardson also bought an additional 100 acres on Gills Creek which still runs through the property today.

Johnathan Richardson was the Sheriff of Bedford County as well as Justice of the Peace. The home had a private jail in the lower quarters for temporarily holding prisoners in transport. When Franklin County was formed, the plantation fell under its new county lines and Johnathan Richardson became a high member of Franklin County first court.

In 1810 Johnathan Richardson died and left the property to his beloved wife Elizabeth. Elizabeth Richardson then deeded the plantation to her sons and her brother Skelton Taylor, who is known for Taylor’s Store in Franklin County. Skelton Taylor and his family moved into the home on the plantation and the property continued to get passed down to family members as the years went on.


In 1999 the home was saved from the bulldozers by Mike and Darlene Leslie who then lived in the home for the next 16 years pouring heart and sweat into the property to completely restore the home to its former glory.

Susan Mitchell Ober then bought the property in 2016 and converted it to a bed and breakfast and wedding venue.


Isabelle and Jordan Russell

bought the property from Susan in 2018 and named it Belle Garden Estate and are continuing to run it as a wedding and event venue and inn.